Chara 03
Gender Female
Occupation Idol
Seiyū Debut
Kikuko Inoue FALL (minor)
KIKUKO is one of the characters from Miss Monochrome -The Animation- series.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

KIKUKO is very cheerful and outgoing and loves her idol career.She has black hair and leaf-green eyes.She wears a mini pink top hat with a dark pink bow and three dark pink bows She wears a light pink top and a pink skirt with a dark pink flower.She wears dark pink shoes.


KIKUKO is a popular idol among the series.Mana is her Manager.


KIKUKO seems to be Miss Monochrome rival, even though she doesn't really hate her.



  • KIKUKO's name was taken after her seiyū, Kikuko Inoue. Inoue herself is known to be one of Yui Horie's partners.


Main article: KIKUKO/Image gallery.

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